8/10 steel TRB carrier
Locking system and 15/10 galvanised steel punched “U” profiles


Threaded bar
Bracket for punched “U” profile fixing


Steel | Aluminum


30 x 64 | 100 | 150 | 200 | 300

40 x 100 | 140 | 180

50 x 100 | 150 | 200 | 300

Maximum lenght 4000 mm


Atena white | silver

Post-painted RAL/NCS

Wood effects

Sublimation and digital printing

Plain or perforated surface

Giotto is the three-dimensional baffle ceiling that adapts to any architectural project. It is a false ceiling with variable pitch carriers that exploits the simplicity of the Baffle system and the height of the modules themselves.

STRUCTURE: variable pitch TRB carriers

SYSTEM USED: baffle base 30, 40 or 50

COLOURS: Pre-painted aluminium white – silver | Pre-painted steel white – silver | RAL/NCS post-painted colours | Sublimation of any image and effect | Smooth or perforated surface

Giotto: false ceiling baffle system three-dimensional effect

Giotto is a baffle ceiling system designed to enhance many environments such as offices, shopping centres, meeting rooms and hotel lobbies, using a simple baffle system in an innovative way. The Giotto three-dimensional baffle ceiling uses classic TRB variable pitch carriers to which baffles of different heights have been attached. The result is a three-dimensional effect that adds dynamism and movement to the ceiling itself. With its simple and minimalist design, Atena’s Baffle System is the ideal solution for creating high-performance ceilings of high technical quality. A wide range of systems that stand out for their stylistic versatility, the simplicity and speed of their installation phases and the quality of their finishes and materials.

False ceiling with variable pitch carriers: the structure

Atena’s Giotto is expression of simplicity and shows how a standard element such as a baffle can become part of a special ceiling with a high aesthetic impact. In fact, the Giotto three-dimensional baffle ceiling uses the classic 8/10 black pre-painted steel TRB carrier with a locking system and 15/10 galvanised steel punched “U” profiles on which the elements of the standard series baffle system are mounted. The three-dimensional Giotto system therefore uses baffles with a base of 30, 40 or 50 with a variable height from 64 to 300 mm and a maximum length of 4 metres.

In this way, it will be possible to combine baffles of different heights and lengths to recreate the desired design on the ceiling.

False ceiling baffle system three-dimensional effect for unlimited customisation

Like all standard baffles, the Giotto system is also fully customisable. In fact, the Giotto false ceiling with variable pitch carriers can be made of steel or aluminium and the surface can be chosen in the classic white or silver Atena finish, but it will also be possible to choose between RAL or NCS colours, so that you can play not only on the three-dimensionality of the system, but also on the combination of various colours with each other. For more demanding designers, we also offer the possibility of digital printing or sublimation of images, as well as the reproduction of wood or material effects.

Finally, the Giotto three-dimensional baffle ceiling can have a flat or perforated surface, choosing from the numerous perforations available in the Atena catalogue.

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Giotto: the three-dimensional baffle ceiling
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