Logico by Atena is a spring ceiling system with multidirectional louvres, designed to create surprising designs to suit any architectural project. Configurable in different heights, colours and pitches, Logico’s blades are connected to the secondary carrier by simple interlocking, ensuring fast and safe installation of the modules thanks to the special springs on the carriers.

Logico innovative design allows the play of light and shadow to create a unique and evocative atmosphere. Thanks to its versatility, Logico open cell metal ceiling can be used in a variety of architectural contexts, from residential to commercial.

Structure: double structure with holed “U”-profiles, primary carriers and modules dimension 1200 m with attachment blades pitch 100 and 120 mm.

Blades: base 100 mm and three different heights: 100 | 120 | 150 mm; blades individually adjustable at 90°; mechanical interlocking without the use of accessories.

Colours: white, silver, RAL/NCS colours.

Locking and unlocking system by using special high-performance springs allowing repeated disassembly and easy access to the plenum.

Multidirectional louvre ceiling system: an outstanding option for contemporary architectural projects.

Logico open cell louvre ceiling system has a continuous and airy appearance. The louvres, which can be combined in different heights and are arranged at right angles to each other, offer the possibility of infinite design combinations. Logico is a new architectural trend where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. In fact, modern architecture pays particular attention to the emotional needs of the user, stimulating the interaction between man and environment. Logico multidirectional louvre open cell ceiling system, therefore, represents an excellent solution for characterising a space without overpowering it. Thanks to the combination of three different heights in the same module, the made-to-measure multidirectional open plenum ceiling system meets all stylistic and architectural requirements.

The structure is made up of a holed “U” profile that orthogonally intersects the primary carrier, to which the secondary carrier is attached using special springs.

The secondary carriers are equipped with mechanical grooves for coupling with the louvres, 12 in the 100 mm pitch model and 10 for the 120 mm pitch one. A quick and safe locking system that allows frequent disassembly of the modules, for repeated system maintenance and inspections of the technical compartment. This is an essential aspect for the fast and correct installation of a multidirectional louvre ceiling system.

Open cell louvre ceiling system: an innovative solution.

The open cell metal ceiling has a grid-pattern that leaves portions of the space above uncovered, providing the possibility to integrate sprinklers, speakers as well as integrated lighting solutions for light diffusion and refraction that create elegant light/dark effects. The result is a high-impact motif that adds depth to the room creating a highly valuable architectural element. Multidirectional louvre open cell ceiling system are therefore characterised by their contemporary and sophisticated appearance, where the play of lines and shadows adds three-dimensionality to the metal ceiling, giving the room a pleasant appeal.

Multidirectional open-cell ceiling: design and flexibility.

Logico open plenum ceiling system is available with blades in a range of colours and heights, giving designers and architects the flexibility to create customised ceilings that meet the technical requirements of the project and give the illusion of a lowered ceiling. Logico is perfect for offices, conference rooms or shopping centres.


Continuous open cell metal ceiling
with 90° pivoting blades


Base 100 h 100 | 120 | 150 – Pitch 100 | 120

Steel | Aluminium 8/10 blades


Double structure consisting of 15/10 galvanised steel holed U-profile – L=4050 mm and 8/10 black pre-painted steel carriers

>Primary carriers for hooking modules L=2400 mm

>Secondary carriers for hooking blades L=1200 mm


Atena white | silver
RAL/NCS post painting

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