MONOLAMA R-T24 open cell lay in metal ceiling: a versatile and distinctive system

The Monolama grid ceiling R-T24 with panels 600×1200 is a versatile system characterised by the special geometry of the elements, which create a uniform matrix of 40 mm high blades that intersect to form a 40×40 mm mesh. This design allows perfect diffusion of light and air, making the room brighter and more comfortable. In addition, this open cell lay in metal ceiling is easy to install and maintain, guaranteeing a high-quality aesthetic result over time.

TYPE: continuous effect

MESHES: 40×40

MATERIAL: aluminium 8/10

MODULES | STRUCTURE: panels: 600x1200mm | ELEMENT SECTIONS: h40mm blades

STRUCTURE: Easy T24 3700 | 1200 mm

COLOURS | FINISHING: white/white pre-painted aluminium | white/black pre-painted aluminium | RAL/NCS post-painted on both sides; also available with different coloured blades | wood finishing | smooth or grooved surface

ANTI-SEISMIC SYSTEMS: Anti-seismic kit for plenum < 1.2 m | Anti-seismic kit for high plenum > 1.2 m

Monolama grid ceiling for a continuous and uniform effect

The Monolama open cell ceiling system is characterised by cubic cells that can be made with either uniformly patterned blades or with differently coloured elements. The blades, moreover, can be produced with a smooth surface or with two types of perforation, depending on the desired visual pattern. This Monolama grid ceiling is made up of Monolama R-T24 panels forming a 600×1200 grid resting on the Atena Easy 24 structure. The integrated structure is made up of 3700 mm main profiles with a height of 38 mm and 1200 x H 32 mm secondary elements. This open cell lay in metal ceiling is characterised by the fact that the T-structure is hidden by the specific geometry of the support blades, giving the ceiling a continuous and uniform appearance. Monolama R-T24 open cell lay in metal ceiling is part of the range of metal cells designed for large spaces such as lobbies, corridors and all those spaces where it is necessary to create a ceiling with a light structure and high-impact design.

Monolama open cell ceiling system: an affordable choice for any project!

Like all of Atena’s metal cells ceilings, Monolama R-T24 is fully customisable to meet any architect’s design requirements. This Monolama grid ceiling can be supplied in Atena’s standard colours, white or silver, or in a wide range of RAL/NCS post-painted colours on both sides. Moreover, the possibility of customising the Monolama open cell ceiling system with different finishes and colours makes it suitable for any type of architectural project, adding a touch of modernity and originality to the environment. Thanks to the versatility and quality of the materials used by Atena, Monolama R-T24 open cell lay in metal ceiling is the ideal solution for creating elegant and contemporary environments.


Continuous open cell system




Aluminium 8/10


Panels: 600x1200mm
Elements: blades h40mm
Bearing profiles: T24 3700 – 1200 mm


White/white pre-painted aluminium
White/black pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS coating
Plain or punched surface


Antiseismic Kit for plenum < 1,2 m
Antiseismic Kit “great height” plenum > 1,2 m

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MONOLAMA R-T24: open cell lay in metal ceiling
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