Triangular open cell ceiling Trigon: the new ceiling system developed by Atena.

Trigon triangular open cell ceiling is the new ceiling system designed by Atena to give rooms a city chic style. Trigon is characterised by the triangular shape of the cells, where the triangle itself becomes a hexagon or a rhombus, creating dynamic symmetries.

– Type: continuous modules

– Module size: 600×1200

– Meshes: 120×120 | 150×150 | 200×200

– Pattern: triangular

– Colours: white, silver, RAL/NCS colours

– Natural look: wood finish

TRIGON: triangle open cell metal ceiling suitable for any architectural project.

Thanks to its modular structure, the Trigon triangle open cell metal ceiling system makes it easy to customise the space in a simple and attractive way, and also permits the insertion of special lighting elements designed to integrate perfectly with the panels themselves. In this way, it is possible to create bright and modern environments suitable for different contexts including offices, shops, shopping centres, hotel lobbies or public spaces. Furthermore, the choice of standard white and silver colours, or RAL/NCS post-painted colours and modern wood finishes, allows to create the triangle open cell ceiling that best suits your aesthetic requirements and any architectural style. With the Atena Trigon triangular open cell ceiling, creative visions can be fully unleashed, allowing for the metamorphosis of any space into a one-of-a-kind, stylish designer haven.

Triangular open cell ceiling Trigon with integrated structure.

Trigon is designed with 2771mm main profiles and 1380mm spacers for easy installation and maintenance, making it a practical and efficient solution. Trigon’s strength and durability make it an appropriate choice for high-traffic working environments and a long-term investment for any type of project. Metal cells are chosen by architects and designers looking for modern and innovative geometric shapes, creating a continuous structure that gives the effect of large spaces and new perspectives.

From a technical point of view, the system is made up of rhomboid panels equipped with an appropriate support structure that, together with the structural elements, creates a continuous aesthetic effect without joints between panels. The distinctive triangular structure of Atena Trigon is composed of 10 mm base profiles with a choice of mesh sizes: 120×120 mm, 150×150 mm and 200×200 mm. The wall angle is offered with a 25×42×10 mm ‘C’ profile, usually in the same material and finishing as the open cell.

Why choose the Trigon triangle open cell system?

Trigon triangle open cell metal ceiling is used in various architectural projects not only for its aesthetic qualities, but also for important properties such as flexural strength, corrosion resistance, relative humidity and fire resistance (Class A1). In addition, like the rest of the range, Trigon triangular open cell ceiling is manufactured according to CAM criteria for disassembly, using components such as 100% recyclable steel and aluminium.

Triangle open cell metal ceiling: the perfect solution for characterising rooms

The Trigon triangle open cell ceiling is an innovative and modern system that is preferred to classic grid ceilings such as the H40 | H50 mm model because it has a new and dynamic visual pattern that makes rooms sparkling and exclusive. The distinctiveness of this triangle open cell metal ceiling is also evident in the endless customization options available for the panel, such as RAL/NCS colour choices or wood-inspired tones.


Continuous open cell metal ceiling
with flush elements


120×120 | 150×150 | 200×200


Aluminium 5/10


Panels: ~693×1386 mm
Element section: 10xh41 mm
Integrated profile 2771,3 | 1380 mm


White | silver pre-painted aluminium
RAL/NCS post painting

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