Hanging bracket in 20/10 black post-painted galvanized steel and M6 threaded bar.
Steel cables with hanging bracket on request.


12/10 Steel


Base 50 H200 mm
base 25 H200 mm for integrated lighting model
2900 mm max. lenght


RAL/NCS post-painting
Smooth surface

Wave is the perfect wave-effect baffle system for use as an interior accessory in offices, hotel lobbies and shopping centres. The modern design and high quality materials used guarantee a durable and visually appealing product. In fact, it is a very solid and robust system made of 12/10 steel with a single point suspension. Thanks to its versatility, Baffle Wave can be adapted to any architectural environment. The wave-like shape of the baffles creates a dynamic visual effect, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Additionally, the customisable options for colour and size make it easy to integrate seamlessly into any design scheme.

DIMENSION ELEMENTS: base 50 H 200 mm | base 25 H 200 mm for model with integrated light

LENGTH: max. 2900 mm

MATERIAL: 12/10 steel

STRUCTURE: single and direct hanging

COLOURS: RAL/NCS post-painted

FINISHES: smooth surface

BENDING RADIUS: according to project requirements

Baffle Wave: the perfect system for any setting

With a new design concept, the special baffles of the Atena Wave line feature a wave/sinusoidal shape that offers a modern, light look to any environment. In fact, they are suitable for foyers, lounges, offices, restaurants, atriums, cultural centres and commercial buildings. This wave-effect baffle system is an extremely valid solution for special application needs in large spaces where, for example, there may be a need or desire to leave the ceiling exposed, but also to furnish with a touch of design and novelty.

The extreme versatility of baffle wave, makes this system suitable for application in a variety of contexts: from schools to offices, from large shopping centres to shops, in transport hubs or, more generally, wherever a unique and customised atmosphere is desired. The baffle wave system can be easily integrated into existing spaces without the need for major renovations, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any environment. Its modular design allows for endless configurations and layouts to suit specific needs and preferences.

Ceiling baffle wave: infinite customisations for designer ceilings

Like all Baffle models, Atena Baffle Wave system allows to create a made-to-measure ceiling. In fact, this Wave-effect baffle system permits the creation of architectural elements that reflect the different stylistic requirements of architects and designers. The individual modules are available in classic RAL or NCS post-painted colours, so you can design wave baffles in your favorite colour.

This baffle system comprises base 50 elements with a height of 200 mm and base 25 elements with a height of 200 mm and integrated light. In this way, in addition to being able to play with colours, it will also be possible to mix baffles with or without light to create light points in the room. Wave is a wave-effect baffle system with a high aesthetic impact that embellish all rooms with a touch of style. The maximum usable baffle length is 2900 mm, but longer lengths can also be created on a project basis.

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