Formal STEP is a cladding system made up of custom made panels hook on vertical carrier with pre-spaced hooking points. This system has been conceived to create and cover any flat, curved, conical, linear or three-dimensional architectural element. All finishing components such as windows shielding, corners, lower and upper frames are properly shaped in order to be perfectly integrated with the cladding system. Compared to the SLIDE model, the STEP carriers with pre-spaced pitches make installation phases quickly, after the structure fixing panels can be simply hooked without further adjustments. The special silicone rubber to be applied on the hooking points makes the system stable against vibrations. Nanotechnological coatings, high resolution digital printing, laser cutting, punching, moldings and special Dot-Art perforations make the range of applicable decorations truly unique. Among the cladding systems, Atena Formal represents one of the most complete technical solutions to create ventilated facades with modular elements perfectly taylor made on the building features.


Hooking panels
Vertical and horizontal gap:  10 mm minimum
Maximum dimensions:
Aluminium 20/10: 2×1 m
Composite materials: 3,5×1,5 m


Pre and post painted aluminium  20/10
Titanium zinc from 10 to 15/10
Stainless steel 10/10
Composite materials 40/10
Honeycomb composite materials da 10 a 15/10
Metal mesh


STEP carrier with pre-spaced pegs to hook panels
Wind load and seismic force resistance kits on request


Aluminum and Stainless steel:

Stainless steel: satin or smooth
Aluminium: wood effects, corten and worn look

Aluminium: satin, anodized and mirror effect
Glossy or matte RAL / NCS post painting
Laser cuts | Punchings | Moldings
Special Dot-Art perforations
High resolution digital printing

Composite material with mineral inner layer:

Solid colors: solid | metallic | sparkling
Anodized, satin and mirror effects
Woods and natural stones with rough surface
Marbles and aged materials with smooth surface
Custom made perforations
High resolution digital prints


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