LINEAR staves are widely used both as a vertical covering solution for facades and as a ceiling in canopies and entrance areas.

The fixing section’s unique design ensures system stability and ease of installation (wind resistance: class 6 – EN 13659).

A basic system that enables for ‘extreme’ applications by incorporating unique architectural components to adjust for height discrepancies and irregularities in anchoring surfaces.

With careful attention to detail, the LINEAR staves covering systems enable the production of ventilated facades, complete with all finishing features such as gap joints, top, side, corner start and end profiles.

Like all Atena systems, LINEAR staves offer a wide range of aesthetic customisation options: gloss or matt RAL / NCS post-painting colour, wood effect, Corten and natural metal finishes, vertical and horizontal orientation, configurations with mixed 150 and 300 mm modules, regular and staggered installation.


Modules hooked on carriers
Hidden structure and fixings

Staves material: 6/10 and 8/10 aluminum
7/10 thickness on request
post-painting on both sides on request

Width: 150 | 200 | 250 | 300 mm
Height: 27 mm | maximum lenght 9 meters


3 different carrier models in
10/10 aluminum pre-painted on both sides
with the same finishing of the staves.
Finishing profiles in aluminium.


RAL / NCS glossy or matte post-painting
Special finishing such as wood, corten and
natural metal effects
Smooth surface


Staves with 150 and 300 mm widths can be
mixed together to create amazing patterns


6 CLASS – EN 13659
The Atena Linear staves tested according to EN 13659 standard, achieved the 6th class of wind resistance.
The maximum required by the standard, in terms of resistance according to the threshold values of the nominal pressure (400N/m2) and the safety pressure (600N/m2).

The nominal pressure corresponds to the applied pressure for which the product must not undergo deformation or deterioration that could damage its correct functioning, while the safety pressure corresponds to the applied pressure for which the product must not undergo any deterioration that could be dangerous for the people such as breaking, leaking from fasteners or tightening devices.


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