Metal Ceilings: a wide range of metal panels, baffles, staves, grids and acoustic islands for all applications

Looking for ceiling panels, baffles and grids but don’t know which to choose?

Read our guide: Atena metal ceiling systems are high quality technical design products, conceived to ensure acoustic performance, anti-seismic safety, ease of installation and maximum customisation of finishes and decorations. Transversal and versatile, Atena metal ceilings cover a wide range of applications, functionally enhancing the aesthetics of any environment, such as airports, schools, hospitals, sports centres, offices and industry.

Metal ceiling panels: we have a solution to meet all your needs!

Metal ceiling panels are an evergreen solution that provides a complete answer to all technical and design requirements, guaranteeing high functional performance and aesthetic appeal. The modular configurations include both solutions with a lay-in structure with a visible T-grid and clip-in models with panels fixed to hidden profiles.

A truly complete range designed to meet different design requirements. Ceiling systems include staves, baffles, standard and special metal panels, grids, islands and structures for hospital environments.

Why choose Atena metal ceilings?

° The structures are easy to install and adjust;

° Easy access to the plenum for lighting fixture installation and maintenance;

° Right mix of size, shape, perforation pattern, sound pad and plenum enables metal ceilings to achieve the desired acoustic performance;

° All systems can be reinforced with special anti-seismic kits;

° Each component can be individually replaced if damaged during installation;

° Metal modules can be cleaned on-site and don’t need to be replaced as often as mineral wool.

° Atena products are, as a whole, manufactured using materials from recycling processes;

° Components are 100% recyclable and at the end of their life cycle can be prepared for reuse, recovery, recycling and selective dismantling;

° All metal components are safe and flame retardant, contain no SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern), do not release dangerous substances including formaldehyde into the environment and do not become toxic waste during demolition/removal;

° Paint, sublimation and digital printing are carried out with VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free substances;

° Modular configuration allows for optimised site logistics, minimising waste during installation.

How are metal ceilings classified?

Acoustic Metal Ceilings

At Atena, we care about people and their well-being, which is why we have dedicated a lot of space to acoustic ceilings. In fact, the acoustic properties of a space are important elements in a broader concept of environmental well-being and for a better enjoyment of the place.

Always focused on people’s comfort, Atena offers different solutions of acoustic panels and systems that can be applied in any context.

Discover Silence Technology and design your acoustic comfort!

Metal Grid

Grigliato Atena H40 Uffici

A modern solution that allows for an original and light composition. Grid ceilings include either integrated or exposed grid solutions and are available in standard or custom grid sizes to meet specific design requirements.

Grid ceilings can be integrated with lighting solutions, such as recessed luminaires, using bespoke adapters to create an aesthetic unity between light and material.

A ceiling grid with a sublime aesthetic effect that allows spaces to be masked without being hidden!

Floating Islands Ceiling


Suspended ceilings: Atena islands are an excellent technical solution for characterising a room while improving acoustic comfort. They affect reverberation time and speech intelligibility and, depending on the type of perforation of the metal surface and the coupled sound-absorbing material, they also play an important role in terms of sound absorption.

These suspended ceilings can be customised in shape, size and colour: they will appear as true tailor-made oases, designed to meet the specific requirements of each project!

Infinite aesthetic solutions to realise silent places with high acoustic performance!

Metal Ceilings and Standard Panels


Developed by Atena, they guarantee a high level of aesthetics in all contexts and are used in different types of environments such as schools, shopping centres, offices, industrial buildings, sports centres, hotels and restaurants.

They convince with their functionality, quality of finish and design. A wide range of compositional solutions that are constantly evolving, combining technology and aesthetics in systems designed to ensure great versatility.

Atena metal ceilings: freedom of design becomes the discovery of new forms of expression.

Metal Stave Ceilings

Controsoffitti doghe | Atena | AP

Steel and aluminium staves are ideal for a variety of applications, ranging from self-supporting versions for corridors or small areas to locking system versions for gyms, railways, and places susceptible to shocks or vibrations.
Decorated with perforations and aesthetic finishes, as well as special absorption and acoustic insulation materials, to create any desired effect or image.

Atena metal ceiling staves will transform your concept into a finished work of art!

Baffle Ceilings


With their simple, minimalist design, they are the ideal solution for high performance ceilings of technical quality.

Designed to ensure acoustic comfort, anti-seismic safety and the perfect integration of lighting and accessories, Atena’s Baffle ceilings, with their vertical appearance, help to define the perfect combination of functionality, comfort and design, guaranteeing maximum stability even in the most “daring” applications.

Atena metal ceilings: freedom to design new expressive forms.

Healthcare Ceilings

Controsoffitti A Tenuta

Atena H+ is the product range dedicated to the sanitary, chemical, pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries, where high levels of health, safety and environmental comfort are required.
A complete range of high performance ceilings, integrated with lighting elements, to achieve the best technical performance in all areas of application, such as clean rooms and operating rooms, areas with a low risk of contamination, waiting rooms and reception areas.

Atena H+ is synonymous with airtightness, resistance to chemical corrosion and high levels of hygiene.

Atena H+ the best performance for the highest environmental quality.

Decorative Ceilings

Atena Special Shape Ceilings include a wide range of easy-to-install, safe and durable customised systems, characterised by maximum customisation, high quality materials and a variety of aesthetic and decorative finishes.

Also available with an anti-seismic kit, Atena’s decorative ceilings make it possible to create any type of structure and configuration in offices, hospitals, schools, airports, cinemas, shopping centres and prestigious cruise ships.

Atena ceilings: give shape to your dreams!

Be inspired by Atena moods and design together with the Atena technical team: a help desk of creativity and experience always at your side.