Atena metal ceilings: much more than a structural element!

For over 30 years, Atena S.p.A. has designed and manufactured 100% Made in Italy ceilings and coverings for the international market.

The widest selection of modular and unique systems in panels, staves, grids, and baffles to meet the most demanding technical and structural specifications.

From concept to setup, Atena’s systems are known for their ease of installation, high-quality materials, different aesthetic finishes and compliance with required acoustic, anti-seismic and environmental sustainability criteria.

Atena’s modular ceiling systems impress with their aesthetic beauty, but also with the possibility of giving shape to infinite solutions.

Available in a range of sizes, the modules can be installed on a visible structure or in conjunction with hidden structure to give the ceiling an architectural continuity effect or to emphasise its modularity.

Individually inspectable, Atena’s Metal Modular panels allow easy access to the plenum.


Designed to create modular panel ceilings with unique designs and constant geometries, Atena’s multipitch profiles, with their technical simplicity, become an indispensable architectural element in the range of lay-in systems.

Enigma Domino, made up of an arrangement of modules of different sizes, responds to the need for a hidden ceiling with a dynamic shape and contemporary style.

BAFFLE, STAVES, CELL CEILINGS | Efficiency and Versatility

With no limits to technical development, Atena offers innovative solutions to transform the visions of designers from all over the world into finished works. Atena stands out for its ability to turn the most demanding projects into reality, producing special metal elements for interior and exterior architecture.

Baffles, staves and grids represent an absolutely complete and unique line to integrate aesthetics, functionality and technical performance.


The range of Atena Metal Shapes systems includes special modules with visible and hidden structures with lowered, coplanar, curved and variable geometry panels. Used for the design of spaces with a high scenic and aesthetic impact, Atena’s custom-made systems are widely used in cruise ships and large environments.

Customisable in size, colour and shape, they ensure the widest freedom of configuration, to overcome construction site limitations.



‘Diamond’ is the new Atena finishing presented at BAU 2023.

Its multifaceted surface highlights all the characteristics of a unique product that, when hit by artificial or natural light, changes the perception of light/dark within the room.

The acoustic island represents a valid solution for work environments, hotel lobbies and open spaces in general.

Made of metal bodies coupled with specific sound-absorbing materials, Atena islands are an excellent technical solution for characterising rooms while improving acoustic comfort.

Customisable in shape, size and colour, Atena islands are true tailor-made oases, designed to meet the specific requirements of each project. The metal surface, in fact, can be sublimated by reproducing any image or chromatic effect such as wood or marble: infinite aesthetic solutions to create silent places with high acoustic performance.

Atena Monoliths, in combination with lighting fixtures and insulating materials, are configured as true multifunctional architectural elements: independently suspended, unique bodies made of steel, aluminium or composite materials to great scenic effect.

Floating modular island ceilings, on the other hand, make it possible to cover large spaces with multi-panel systems, such as the Enigma and “Z” System hidden structure poly-module models or the EASY T15 and EASY LINE configurations with visible structures in panels, expanded metal sheets and grids.


Personalised on request, Atena ceilings can be customised in different colours and nuances: soft or bright colours, lacquered or matt versions, chromed, metallised or sublimated colours.



Thanks to thirty years of experience in the realisation of increasingly complex projects, Atena focuses on the development of architectural systems of high technical quality that can meet all specific performance requirements, creating refined settings of great visual impact and responding to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated international market.
The design studio supports the project designer in the choice of construction systems, materials, finishes and, through the use of two-dimensional software and modelling programmes, is able to perform:

> preliminary and feasibility studies;
> simulation renderings of the intervention to be carried out;
> surveys and technical inspections;
> executive design;
> on-site installation assistance.

Atena supports designers, resellers and installers with a specialised consultancy service prior to the technical offer.

Together we can evaluate the different options and identify the most correct model according to needs and requirements. Atena architectural metal ceilings embrace multiple fields of application and are designed for every type of environment such as airports, schools, hospitals, sports and commercial centres, offices, industries: for each specific field the story of an industrial product that develops a concept with an unprecedented application, overcoming site constraints and design canons.



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