Today we reveal a preview of the new atmosphere of our interiors!
A unique and original design for metal ceilings and counter-walls in the unmistakable Atena style.

Atena: Create walls and ceilings for real #atenalovers


Designed to create ceilings that are easy to access and install, the Syncro system used to enhance the entrance to our hall provides a visual continuum that expands the perspective of the space.

The panels rest on a special hidden structure. They are fitted with integrated lights that are positioned orthogonally to the approach joint to make the room appear even wider. The special perforation gives the room a sparkling appearance and, together with special sound-absorbing fabrics, improves the overall acoustics.


With no limits to technical development, Atena offers innovative solutions to transform the visions of designers all over the world into completed works.

In fact, Atena is active in more than 50 countries, with local partners and distributors. For this reason, the counter-wall of the waiting room is decorated with large panels representing the World through the use of the special ‘Dot Art’ technique.

GIOTTO | An expression of simplicity

Inspired by his famous circle, we have named the ceiling of one of our executive offices ‘Giotto’.

The appearance of the Giotto ceiling is that of perfect circles, displayed in all their perfection and three-dimensionality. In this way, Giotto expresses the simplicity of the stave system, skilfully used to give dynamism and movement to the space.

Mounted on variable pitch TRB beams, the wood-effect finish was chosen to give the space warmth and to welcome visitors.

Three-dimensionality is created by the alternation of different heights, giving the optical effect of a raised ceiling.

WAVE | New Shapes for High Impact Ceilings

Atena has always been concerned with aesthetics and is continuously on the lookout for shapes and hues that will complement the ceiling and produce a ‘wow’ impact.

We therefore fitted the ceiling of our corridor with special Baffle Wave in white and green, the latter with a special ‘skin’ effect. The system offers an individual and punctual pendant for each element, and to further enhance the shapes and colours, lights have been integrated to perfectly follow the design of the wave.

HEXAGON | Design Geometries

The wall of our new meeting room features alternating hexagons in white, black and orange, completed by integrated lights to accentuate the perception of light and dark in the room.

Exagon is a surface-mounted system on a hidden structure that allows original patterns to be created, giving the wall or ceiling a highly aesthetic appeal.


We reproduced on a wall of our new meeting room the ‘Optical Triangles’ that were created through the use of ‘Dot Art’ to embellish and make the exterior covering of the Jesolo Museum unique and original.


Particular and sophisticated, SILVER SEA is part of Atena’s METAL SHAPES line and has a special shape obtained by using alternating concave and convex ‘Z SYSTEM’ panels. This system makes it possible to create a special scenic effect, which is also characterised by lighting elements in satinised opaline to diffuse the light.



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