Metal Modular Ceiling
EASY T24 | EASY T24 Antiseismic semi-concealed structure
6 mm gap between panels

Suitable for interior building renewal, using Atena Escape the false ceiling can be replaced by simply laying the new panels in the existing T24 structure. The particular detail of panel edges has been conceived to partially hide the existing structure, maintaining a 6 mm shutter between panels. The contemporary appeal stands out in this ceiling, which offers endless possibilities for aesthetic configuration thanks to the wide range of perforations and applicable finishing.

Atena Escape is an high performance system which can be properly sized according to precise technical requirements such as sound absorption, seismic resistance and pathogens preventions thanks to the Atena DefenseH+ materials which belong to the antimicrobial range suitable for environment disinfection. Resistance to chemical corrosion  tested by Fraunhofer Institute IPA di Stuttgart according to VDI 2083 PART 17; ISO 4628-1; ISO2812-1;  antimicrobial features tested by independent labs for different pathogens spectrum according to ISO 22196 | JIS Z 2801-2010.

Totally made in Italy, Atena Escape is fabricated in Gruaro through processes that use renewable energy and technologies such as coating, sublimations and digital printing carried out using VOC-free substances.  Atena Escape is a safety product which does not release dangerous substances; it is 100% recyclable and at the end of its life cycle become non-hazardous waste that can be pre-peared for re-use, recovery or recycling.

As all Atena products, Escape is, as a whole, manufactured using recycling processes materials, it complies with C.A.M. requirements and belongs to EPD 2020 the certification program started by Atena to stand out its best systems from the environmental point of view, in compliance with the current Green Procurement. Lastly by using Atena Escape get credits for building certification according to the LEED protocol and to BREEAM and ITACA standards for cross-cutting aspects.

Used with creativity Atena Escape despite its simple shape, it truly offers great performance and can be used for the renewal of any context such as schools, shops, halls, lunch lounges, meeting rooms and offices.

Be inspired by the Atena moods and plan together with the Atena technical team:
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