On Friday 10th May 2024 the “Meet the Champions” event was held at Auxiell, Via Fornace Morandi, 24, 35133, Padua.
The meeting began with a speech and welcome from Sofia Treu, Head of the Enterprise Team at ItalyPost, and continued with a presentation of the research by Caterina Della Torre, Project Manager of the Champions 2024 research.
During the event, short interviews were held with the owners of some of the 1000 selected companies that stand out in terms of turnover growth, exports, investments and financial solidity. These companies have no debts, reinvest their profits in their business and guarantee a solid future for themselves and their employees.
The Champions companies, selected each year by the ItalyPost Study Centre in collaboration with Corriere della Sera, tell the story of solid and long-lasting companies in Italian industry. They are companies involved in all sectors of production, from fashion to packaging, and even automotive and mechanical engineering. Despite the diversity of their production, what they have in common is a healthy base and a steady increase in turnover.

Atena has also been awarded the title of “Impresa Champion 2024”, an achievement that reflects a healthy business model that continues to grow and that makes the company an archetype of performance and an emblem of quality production, entirely Made in Italy.