Atena sustainability engagement

Atena’s commitment to Environmental Sustainability and Safety passes through all main company processes to produce safe products, whose use contributes to the construction of high performance buildings, conceived to achieve the highest levels of comfort, healthiness and respect for the environment.


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EPD | Environmental Product Declaration.

In order to comply with the current green and safety procurement, Atena over the years has invested in production process and product certifications, so today Atena has reached an important milestone by obtaining the Environmental Product Certification (EPD) for all the T profiles of the Atena Steel Strong range, for the metal ceiling systems of Atena Metal Modular range including 24 Syncro Evo and Matrox a Tenuta hospital models, included a wide range of  Atena Metal Series staves.

Through the EPD 2020 program developed in partnership with the Italian studio Life Cicle Engineering, which provided the technical support for the Product Life Cycle, the environmental impacts of the Atena systems were processed according to the General Program Instructions for International EPD® System version 3.01. dated 18-09-2019 and in compliance with PCR N ° 2019: 14 V 1.1 Construction products and services EN 15804 – CPC code 4219 “From the cradle to the gate with options”.

The environmental impacts of products listed in EPD are, therefore, described in the Environmental Product Declaration, a III Type declaration verified by RINA SERVICE and approved by International EPD® System.

ATENA EPD is published in Environdec the international EPD® system portal and can be directly downloaded here.




Regarding the Italian market, all Atena products comply with the Ministerial Decree of 11 October 2017 requirements for the assignment of design services and works for the new construction, renovation and maintenance of public buildings. The recycled content is accurately calculated for each component of the ceiling systems and declared according to the ISO 14021 standard. On request, Atena releases all documents required by the main contractor for public tender.


Get credits for building certification according to the LEED protocol and to BREEAM and ITACA standards for cross-cutting aspects, by using Atena products.

According to LEED standard, Atena products have been mapped for the Building Design and Costruction BD+C, Building Operations and Maintenance O+M, Interior Design, Costruction ID+C and Residential BD+C protocols, by the independent Italian studio Life Cicle Engineering.

The products considered for LEED MAPPING are the following

        • t-grids
        • metal tiles ceilings
        • metal staves ceilings
        • metal baffle ceilings
        • metal mesh ceilings
        • open cell metal ceilings
        • metal shapes ceilings
        • floating island ceilings
        • healthcare ceilings
        • partition wall systems
        • drywall metal profiles
        • architectural façades


The LEED credits applied to Atena products within the BCD and EBOM protocols are indicated in the document LEED MAPPING



Among the ceiling systems made in plasterboard, woods, tissue and other materials, metal ceilings offer several advantages also from the environmental point of view:

    1. The modular configuration mimimizes the refuse at installation stage.
    2. Panels can be cleaned at site and do not need to be replaced as often as the mineral wool.
    3. Each components can be individually replaced if damaged during maintenance.
    4. Thanks to a proper mix of dimension, shape, perforation pattern, sound pad and plenum, metal ceilings can reach each acoustic performance required.
    5. Structures are easy to install and adjust to allow an easy access to plenum for plants, lighting installation and maintenance.
    6. All systems can be reinforced with proper antiseismic kit.
    7. Atena products are, as a whole, manufactured using recycling processes materials, the recycled content is indicated for each type of product as required by C.A.M.; for stainless steel the recycled content is obtained from Ecoivent database, for orther materials, instead, it is declared according to the ISO 14021 standard.
    8. Atena metal products are 100% recyclable and at the end of their life cycle can be prepared for re-use, recovery, recycling and selective demolition.
    9. All metal components are safe and fireproof do not contain SVHC Substances of Very High Concern, do not release dangerous substances into the environment including formaldehyde and will not become hazardous wastes during demolition / removal.
    10. Coatings, sublimations and digital printing are performed with VOC-free substances.



The market is changing, major global trends, such as demographic changes and climate change, push towards real commitments for all those involved citizens, institutions and business companies, in this context Atena wants to be at customers, architects and designers side, to promote a sustainable architecture.

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