“When the perceiving psyche and the perceived things merge and absorb each other, takes place what can be called ‘metaphysical experience’” […] Elémire Zolla.

As part of the initiatives organised for the Fuori Salone 2024 event, Atena S.p.A. signs a partnership with Well-Tech Studio, a prestigious architecture studio based in Milan and founded by architect Chiara Cantono, which has been promoting innovation and sustainability in architecture and design for over 20 years, with international initiatives such as the prestigious WT SmartCity Award. As technical partner of the 2024 edition, Atena S.p.A. will create an installation of material panels in the exhibition area of the “Sala Vetrata” of Palazzo Moriggia, where the WT SmartCity Award 2024 candidate projects will be exhibited. The Atena installation describes the design and technical versatility of the materiality presented through its processing and materials. This installation, combined with the exhibition of the candidate projects, offers visitors a special and engaging sensory experience.

The WT SmartCity Awards 2024 will reward all the projects that stand out for their research and use of new products, technologies and materials, with the aim of stimulating the development of practical systems and promoting their transfer to the Italian industrial fabric. This event is a unique opportunity for companies to share their experience and knowledge in the field of design, contributing to the growth and dissemination of innovative ideas.

The WT SmartCity Award competition thus stimulates conscious development processes through an annual award for projects that stand out for their innovation and values of sustainability, accessibility and improved quality of life.

The exhibition will be open from 16th to 21st April 2024 at Palazzo Moriggia, Via Borgonuovo 23, Milan.

On Wednesday 17 April, the award ceremony will be held, presided over by a Committee of Honour. The masterpiece, in the courtyard of honour, is the architecture designed by Well-Tech Studio for Tonino Lamborghini.

With its participation in the WT SmartCity Award 2024 during the Milan Design Week, Atena S.p.A. celebrates art, design and architecture.