The New Jesolo Museum, built from scratch in the area of the Laguna Shopping commercial park, behind Piazza Brescia, is now a property of Jesolo Municipality. The work conceived and directed by the Studio Architetti Mar di Venezia Zelarino contains the history of Jesolo in five floors and a suggestive view of the sea and the lagoon.

The structure is spread over an area of 4,200 square meters for a total height of twenty-seven meters. Realized by Urban Costruzioni srl for the main contractor Numeria S.G.R. S.p.A, the building dominates the urban layout on which it stands and it is visible from the main arrival routes in Jesolo.

The external covering, made of any aluminium panels with the distinctive “Optical Triangles” perforation designed by Studio Architetti Mararchitetto Giovanna Mar and realized by Atena with the special Dot-Art technique, draws the attention. This technology powered by the patented ACT / SIGN software convert images into small dots spread over the metal surface. To realize this decoration, three holes diameters were used and the calibration of the image required a long process of elaboration and control. The facade covering, equipped with retro-insulation in Stiferite panels, covers an overall area of approximately 4,000 square meters divided into three façade views, giving the building a dynamic and multi-faceted appearance.

“This work” – declares Mauro Barbuio President and CEO of Atena SpA – “represents an important step of our development programs for the architectural facades market, which today is expanding. For this market we want to offer technical quality and custom made solutions, taking part to the creation of timeless works “.

Organically conceived as a scenic path, the articulation of the space is structured on dimensional contrasts and on the chromatic alternations that determine the viewing experience and the space enjoyment. Following the canons of organic architecture, in the building the parts and the whole are closely related, in terms of form and function. From this concept an open work was born, in a harmonious dialogue between exteriors and interiors: here the large central staircase for the floors access, is naturally lighted through a large skylight placed at the building apex, where the panoramic terrace overlooks the sea and the Venice lagoon. On the facade, a fully perforated metal skin filters sunlight without hindering its natural passage. Totally made of recyclable and recycled aluminium, integrated with insulating panels, the covering with its special skin reveals an aesthetic vision of sophisticated lightness, contributing to the environmental sustainability of the building.

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