Facades for air purification with chimney effect

theBreath® is a revolutionary air purification technology made up of a nanotech multilayer tissue coupled with perforated metal panels or metal mesh modules, which absorbs retains and disaggregate polluting molecules, smog and pathogens, making healthier air to breath. Two external layers in special polyester fabric carry out the bactericidal action promoting the air transpiration, while the internal activated carbon layer on polyester fiber mesh absorbs and disaggregates pollutants and smells. Exploiting the chimney effect of Atena ventilated facades theBreath® can act on both tangential and perpendicular flow.

The canyon effect increases the absorption effectiveness

In cities, where temperatures are usually slightly higher than the surrounding environment, the materials undergo heating and cooling effects due to the daily thermal excursions that create a series of air currents, which remain trapped along the tall buildings. Here the concentration of harmful pollutants is very high. By installing the purification panels, in strategic points, in the areas where the canyon effect occurs, theBreath® increases its absorption capacity, thanks to the convective motions that direct the air in the direction of the purification panels. Atena ventilated facades amplify this effect thanks to the currents that are created inside the cavity.
By flowing through the nanotechnological meshes, the air is cleaned and purified from pollutants, coming back more breathable.

Certified purification process


The outer layers of theBreath® are made of bacteriostatic fabric with silver ions enhanced with Heiq technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria by preventing their proliferation. Effectiveness certified according to EN ISO 20743: 2007 – JIS 1902: 2002 | EN 14119A – 2003 -12. These properties have been tested as scientific research, also by the San Raffaele and San Donato hospitals in Milan. The table on the side shows the bacterial spectrum tested.

Made of a precious stabilized PET yarn, theBreath® resists to the solar action FR_UVS, acts as a flame retardant FR, can be subjected to repeated washing (300 washes at 40 °), maintains bacteriostatic properties until the end of the life cycle which has been designed for and thanks to its purification properties it is a protective system according to Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, N.81


The action carried out by the internal cartridge purifies the air from pollutants through a completely passive process that uses the air natural flow without the use of energy sources.

theBreath®, has been tested and certified according to ISO 16000-9 | UNI 11247 | ANSI / AHAMAC1 Test 2002.

ISO 16000-9: Indoor air Determination of the emission of volatile organic compounds from building products and furnishing — Emission test chamber method | UNI 11247: Determination of the degradation of nitrogen oxides in the air by inorganic photocatalytic materials: continuous flow test method | ANSI / AHAMAC 1 TEST 2002: Method for measuring performance of portable household electric room air cleaners.