Essential Design […]  in this context the straight outlines of ceilings and counter wall stand out on the sinuous architecture of the building.

For the new Achva Academic College recently built in Arugot Israel the Nofar Architects studio has developed an essential design which stands out for the sinuous architecture of the building where the rounded shapes meet the straight outlines of ceilings and counter wall.


In the project:

ATRIUM: Atena Serie S80 Staves
white steel | concealed structure

The ceiling dominates the large central atrium, here the linearity of the white Atena Series S8O staves stands out on the special geometry of the floor and rhythmically contrasts with the luminous rings.
The environment is marked by the supporting pillars with a circular section, which rise towards the top of the building.

HALLWAYS: Atena metal boxes
perforated white steel | concealed structure

The metal ceilings chosen for the passage areas are made up of large panels laid on white wall angles. The perforation is distributed over most of the surface, while the smooth edges of the panels, together with the integrated lighting elements, give the corridor a cadenced rhythm.

AUDITORIUM: Atena metal baffles
white steel | concealed structure

The auditorium is completely covered with white Metal Baffles: purity in shape and colour to style with the wooden effect of the walls and the lintels.

white/black steel | visible structure

For this room, the white Easy Line t-grid system with 6mm technical shutter was chosen

Properly conceived to follow precisely the design vision, the Atena metal ceilings have been chosen for the main atrium, the hallways, the auditorium and the multifunction rooms.
High performance technical solutions, simple in shapes, the systems have been improved with sound absorption materials to achieve the best acoustic experience.


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