The interior ceilings of various stations on the Budapest Metro were made with the Atena systems. In Forgách Utca station, staves S80 and S180 Multiline have been installed, a system characterized by the width diversity of the staves.

For Dózsa György station, the 200 NR staves in 6/10mm RAL 1034 aluminum were chosen, the particularity of the section makes them really stable.

The “Wide Spaces” Z System made of 8/10mm RAL 9010 post-painted aluminum tiles, perforated with acoustic tissue applied was chosen for the Újpest-központ station. In this false ceiling, the recessed lighting fixtures were installed orthogonally to the laying direction of the panels, to add dynamism to the compact and uniform look of the hidden structure modules.

On the other hand, the continuous open cell Base20 h80, on which an important lighting lane stands out, dominates the station of Árpád Híd.