[…]  “A building that changes its characteristics through the transformation of light and the passing of time” […]

Atena Metal Ceilings Baffle


Location: Cantina Montelliana e dei Colli Asolani | Montebelluna (TV) Italy

Metalceilings: Metal Baffle Standard Series, Metal Modular Plan, Linear Staves

Cantina Montelliana has a huge structure and it stands in the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, at the foot of Colli Asolani and in Montello’s area. It is made of a cooperative of over 400 associated winegrowers who produce wines of excellent quality.

The spaces are large, bright, airy and they find their realization in the use of functional and aesthetically beautiful ceilings where you can appreciate the contrast between light and dark that provides an unforgettable sensory experience.

The project has been thought to connect the building with the urban road network, where the incessant flow of traffic is the main actor and it characterizes the experience of use of the place. The construction is made of horizontal bands which definitely evoke the traffic movement to create a street-architecture.

In the interior spaces it is possible to notice the usage of Standard Baffles in the sizes 30×64 and 30×100. The need to create dynamism and movement is the reason for this choice. The colours selected are Atena Standard White and Oak Medium that fit perfectly with the forniture and welcome the visitor in a bright and comfortable place.

The Baffle system also expresses the architectural concept of giving three-dimensionality to surfaces in an horizontal and vertical way. A vibrant light effect is created by the unique play between light and dark caused by the distance between the baffles. The result is a building that changes its characteristics through the transformation of light and the passing of time.

The ceilings of the service areas and the laboratory have been equipped with the Plan system. The Atena Plan, which is both simple and bright, is made up of smooth panels that rest on the Atena T24 Easy Anti-seismic structure. The chosen colour, the Total White, gives the environment an effect of flatness and linearity.

Outside, the Linear Staves in the dimensions 150 and 300, melt with the urban tissue and the road network. The colour chosen for these structures is anthracite grey RAL 7016. This nuance is widely used in the automobile manufacturing and so represents a clear desire to insert the building in the urban reality.

Designed to ensure maximum acoustic comfort, earthquake safety and perfect integration with lighting fixtures and accessories, Atena Baffle systems are available in multiple technical configurations. With a simple and elegant design, BAFFLE Atena is the ideal solution for creating high quality ceilings.

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