The Project:

Location: Cinema Modernissimo – Bologna – Italy

Metal Ceilings: Atena Enigma

Photographs: Lorenzo Burlando

Located in Bologna, Cinema Modernissimo, the new space of the Cineteca, is situated in the so-called “Turrita citadel”, a stronghold of modernity since the beginning of the 20th century.

The requalification of the building began in 2014 and will end in November 2023 with the inauguration of the Cinema Modernissimo and the restoration of the Via Rizzoli underground passage. In this area, in front of the entrance to the cinema, the prestigious Caffè Pathé will be set up.

Open every day to cater for the needs of those who want to enjoy a coffee or a quick break, the café features a variety of styles ranging from early 20th century avant-garde to contemporary design.

Furthermore, the café‘s floor is made up of black-and-white geometric forms and the entire bar counter’s cover is adorned in the same pattern. Unique shapes and lighted details are prominently shown throughout the café‘s defining different avant-garde style.

For this reason, the ceiling design likewise uses both contemporary and traditional styles. Made up of crossing beams, the ceiling of the Bistro is covered by natural anodized aluminium panels that serve as decoration. The ceiling features panels from Atena‘s Enigma system, both in the standard 600×600 size and in the tailor-made size with continental triangles. The glossy surface was selected so as to resemble a mirror. The result is an elegant and brilliant metal ceiling that brightens the room and reflects the surroundings, creating a sense of spaciousness and luxury.

The cinema is described as “modernissimo” (ultra modern), an italian word that suggests a bright future cutting off from the clouds of the past. In order to give the café a chic, modern, and essential touch, the stylistic choice to cover the space between the ceiling beams with glossy panels highlights the feeling of light and brightness.

Atena metal ceilings fascinate with their unique, refined style, exquisite craftsmanship and practicality. Set on a hidden structure, Enigma panel system is an architectural structure with a powerful visual impact. Enigma panels are available in bevelled or right-angled shapes and five various support frames can be used to mount them.

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