Grigliato Atena H40 Uffici

The Atena H40 open cell 100x100mm mesh is the star of this case history dedicated to the headquarters of the COS company, based in Bucharest Romania and specialized in design solutions for offices.

Installed within this smart bureaus, the Atena H40 open cell extends in all areas: from hallways to lunch lounges, from meeting rooms to working spaces. The oblique laying arrangement and the winding veils underline the pattern of this system, which stands out from spaces and furnishings.

The installation solution near the column is also interesting; here there is no veil and the free arrival of elements creates a random effect with a dynamic visual impact.

In this contest, the cleverly interior design brought out the Atena H40 open cell, which used in a creative way, has nothing to envy to more sophisticated systems such as Monolama or Base4.

Otherwise, in the archives area, the 500x1500mm Atena Z-System modules with square holes and hidden structure, are spaced by Atena Lux Way lighting, following the line of the archives furniture. More technical and sturdy, this metal ceiling is normally used for large panels.

Lastly, in the office area we find Atena Enigma, another great classic of the Atena Metal Modular range; the system is made up of hidden structures and 600x600mm pre-painted white steel panels, a solution this one chosen for the minimal and monochromatic design. The uniform and white metal surface with its high light reflection index, improves the environmental comfort and the energy savings.

By observing the photo gallery of the project, we can recognize the must-haves of this case-history in simplicity and stylistic coherence.

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