The Project:

Location: Danieli Automation S.p.A – Buttrio (UD) – Italy

Metal Ceilings: Z System e Acoustic Islands

Design: Carlo Mingotti – Studio Mingotti Architetti Associati


Located in Buttrio, in the province of Udine, Danieli Automation S.p.A. ensures the perfect integration of the various process units for a totally efficient production plant.

In the new building, designed by Arch. Carlo Mingotti Mingotti Architetti Associati – Atena ceilings make the difference.

The ground floor is equipped with Atena Z System acoustic panels covering a total area of 1500 square metres. The system used includes standard smooth-edged panels with a diagonal-dot perforated surface (AP 1.8/19% D). To improve acoustics, reverberation and general comfort, thermo-applied acoustic fabric was also used. Appropriately designed for high safety and acoustic performance, Atena ceilings enhance the perception of space with their flush design.

A total of 154 acoustic islands have been installed in the open space area on the first floor. Thanks to their special design, these architectural ceilings resemble a sine-wave-shape, allowing a perfect balance between sound reflection and sound absorption, thus improving the intelligibility of speech in the working environment. Atena’s acoustic islands, made of metal bodies combined with specific sound-absorbing materials, are an excellent technical solution for characterising an environment while improving acoustic comfort. Customisable in shape, size and colour, they are true personalised oases, designed to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Be inspired by Atena moods and design together with Atena’s technical team: 

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