The ancient charm of coffered ceilings made with the most modern metal systems.

Enigma Syncro Coffered by Atena was chosen for the memorial rooms of Prosdocimo Funeral Home in Pordenone Italy. A modern place of greeting, memory and celebration with several multi-functional rooms, for religious and civil rituals. In the main halls, the Atena Syncro metal ceilings stand out for the three-dimensionality of the modules. It is a spring system made up of side by side special panels hook on visible Syncro beams. From the acoustic point of view,  to balance sound wave reflection and absorption by improving the reverberation time and the intelligibility of speech, the perforated panels have been equipped with specific sound-absorbing materials.

In the small rooms Z-System metal ceilings with hidden structure have been installed, with Bouclé gold-colored metal mesh. This is very refined system, especially for peculiarity of the metallic texture that gives a soft touch to the metal surface. In the transit areas, on the other hand, more technical systems were selected,  such as Enigma and Z System Corridor with hidden structures easy to open for quick access to plenum.

Environments arranged with great attention to every detail, where even the metal ceilings play a leading role in the developed architecture.