External coverings and metal ceilings signed by Atena for Etigraph Italia, the company based in Chions, specialized in the printing of self-adhesive labels for the wine and spirits, food and industrial sector.

T he external covering here refers to a specific architectural volume of the building: the white parallelepiped that frames the wide window of the upper floor. Among the different types of external coverings, the aluminum panels, of the Atena Formal range, have been applied in this case history, a system properly conceived to follow precisely the design vision.  Here the installation of large rectangular modules, with vertical and horizontal gaps, creates a pure matrix, where the architectural balance is achieved thanks to the symmetry of the elements. Even the window frames and all finishing elements, disappearing in the compositional geometry, are part of this outline.

Even in the interiors the metal ceilings, Atena Enigma express the mood of the external covering.

At the entrance, the hall height dominates the visual scene and the metal ceiling evokes the matrix of the external covering; here the white custom-made veil has been conceived to install full size panels even at wall angles; side by side square panels and hidden structure.

The Atena Enigma system was also used for the large meeting room, the offices on the upper floor and the open space on the ground floor: neutral background, regular installation, white color, integrated lighting fixtures by Atena Lux and absence of a perimeter veil; in this contest the panels end on the wall angles disappearing into the wall. The formal language of the metal ceiling here aims to express neutrality, which expands the rooms and leaves space for the accent of the furnishings and their accessories.

By observing the photo gallery documenting the project we can recognize in the famous statement “Less is more” by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe the mood of this case-history.

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