In this contest, the metal ceiling becomes one with the skyline […]
the natural light moves in the metal ripple.

The rippled mirror finishing Atena Enigma ceiling was chosen by Inlook Group Oy for the prestigious Lucy in the Sky restaurant, built from scratch on the top of the Accountor Tower in Keilaniemi, Espoo.

In the photo gallery that documents the project, the Tiina Rytkönen design stands out: here the glass walls completely replaced the concrete partitions, leading the gaze out towards Helsinki urban center and Nuuksio nature.

In this contest, the metal ceiling becomes one with the skyline, reflects the natural light and moves it in the metal ripples creating amazing visual effects.
The Atena Enigma system was also used for the elevator atrium: hidden structure, neutral background, regular installation and absence of perimeter veils; here the panels end on the wall angles disappearing into the walls.

The architectural language aims to express neutrality and to expand the environments by bringing space into spaces.

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