For the Marco Polo Airport in Venice, Atena has created a series of special lighting ceilings, specifically designed to ensure the highest standards of functionality and design.

For the realization of the Vip Lounge, an innovative free-orientation Baffle system was created, which gave birth to the Atena BAFFLE FREE FLOW patent. In this configuration, the vertical elements are hooked to a special structure, made up of  curved profiles, equipped with anchoring joints, which allow the free orientation of the Baffles on the three axes. This allows installation without constraints, satisfying any angle of inclination and opening radius, making it possible to create a fluid wave dotted with punctual LED lighting bodies. The lighting studio was designed by Atena Lux who created special led profiles for Baffles, where light is an integral part of the ceiling design.

In the transit and refreshment areas, you can find Atena “Wide Spaces Z System”, characterized by tiles with special random perforations interspersed by Atena Lux “Way” lighting fixtures.

In the shopping area the “Atena Dualgrid” open cell ceiling has been realized and integrated with custom made Atena Lux lighting for 75×200 mm mesh.