[…] ‘Its biological-technological nature has set its foundations in this structure: the pursuit of novel lines and materials that are ideally integrated with the territory. The lines are essential as is our involvement in the vineyards. […]

Location: Mr. Bio Wine – Latisana (UD) – Italy

Architects: Mara Ragagnin, Flavia Da Ros

Contractor: Impresa Costruzioni Del Bianco S.r.l (UD)

Metalceilings and coverings: Atena S.p.A.


Characterised by elegant lines and innovative materials, Mr. Bio Wine stands in Latisana (UD) with its various elements such as the connection between sea and land, nature and technology. The entire structure focuses on geometric elements: lines, rectangles and circles. Lines are conceived as a tension towards infinite where there is no limits and mind can go beyond to realise a building that connects nature and technology. Rectangullar shape, instead, refers to rationality, science and method, while the circle encloses within itself the perfection of a form that has neither beginning nor end, that repeats itself ad infinitum, just like the cycle of nature that leads the vines to bear their fruit.

The lines are essential, as is the minimal intervention of the winemaker in the vineyards. Mr. Bio Wine stands as a good-wine temple in all its architectural beauty thanks to its unique features, contemplation of light, and worship of the vineyard.

External Structure:

Mr. Bio Wine is intended to be an open-air gathering place where people can meet and enjoy the sea-salty air blended with the earth’s smell. The building’s façade is made up of polished 316 L steel to maximise corrosion resistance. Atena Formal system alternates panels in three different widths to represent almost an extension of the structure towards the light, conceived like the main factor in vine cultivation essential for grape development. The no-joints vertical components create an elegant play of solids and voids completed with a mirror-effect surface that allows light to be reflected infinitely.

External coverings have been made with special pitch sleepers and 6 m panels. Retrostructure is made-to-measure and equipped with special rungs with anti-vibration sheathing. This ad hoc system is then completed by LED light bars placed in a recessed module.







Movement and dynamism are main features of Wine Bar metalceilings. The wavy effect is given by the use of 30×100 mm Atena Free Flow Baffle alternating in matt black and polished anodised aluminium. The result is that of a wave above visitors’ heads connecting with sea movement while enjoying a good glass of wine.







Used to cover bar counter, the wall behind it and the truncated-pyramid-shape tables, corten colour attract while entering the Wine Shop. This nuance is a clear reminiscent of fertile and clay soil where vines grow. Grapevine shape is also witness by digital printing in bar-counter covering. Corten sheet metal is an expression of Atena’s craftsmanship, as well as of the multi-faceted nature of a company that has made its all-Italian savoir-faire its strong point.







The barrique cellar is the room where the wine is refined and aged in barriques. Room’s structure is revealed behind big glass panels, representing the facets of the winemaker’s soul and his deepest inner being. Wood sanctity accompanies the discovery of the bottles essences telling the story of excellent wines. Atena Formal Step system in corten steel colour runs the length of the space, connecting with the inclined ceiling to form a single body appering like a precious shell that encloses and protects the barriques. Corten steel was given a specific passivation activation process in laboratory. The effect is that of a time-marked environment, because it is the changing and passing of time that makes wine great. The structure is then finished by recessed light beams inserted in various heights in both the ceiling and the wall.

Designed to combine nature and technology, Mr Bio Wine’s structure is a good example of a complete and integrated project that demonstrates flexibility, skills and versatility of Atena’s entirely Made in Italy production.

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