The Project:

Location: Verde Chiara – Oderzo (TV)

Metal Ceiling: Atena Baffle

Verde Chiara is a modern-style garden with 70,000 square metres of greenhouse space. It is considered as one of the most prominent floricultural centres in Italy.

Located in Oderzo, in the province of Treviso, it is a popular destination for local hobbyists, in addition to producing blooming plants, vegetable seedlings and areas dedicated to interior and exterior décor.

To contrast the colours of the flowers without drawing attention away from them, the sales area ceiling was adorned with Atena Baffle smooth white aluminium 7/10, size 30 x 200. The Baffle system is mounted on TRB carriers with pre-set variable gap.

The final effect is that of a large, bright and tidy space. Due to the need for access to the technical compartment, a special system was also created consisting of baffles mounted on TS carriers.

Designed to ensure acoustic comfort, seismic safety and perfect integration with lighting fixtures and accessories, Atena Baffle systems are available in various technical configurations. With their simple and elegant design, Atena Baffles are the ideal solution for creating high-quality technical and aesthetic ceilings.

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