The use of containers for modular architecture is a growing trend. A contemporary and post-industrial style for a global society that is always on the move. Housing modules, hospital units, offices, showrooms, temporary shops, exhibition stands all in cargo size.

Easy to load and ship, the multifunctional hubs are ready in less time and at lower cost than to the traditional construction systems.

Let’s go into the details of this reference that bears the Atena signature for the suspended ceilings and the decorative walls.

As suspended ceiling here you can see Enigma system made up of side by side perforated panels, with acoustic fleece and bevelled edges.  Where the two container are joint, a long red lighting channel stands out, splitting the symmetry of the ceiling’s pattern. A lay-out created to give an amazing and dynamic impact to the context; also the lighting are perfectly integrated with the geometric pattern of the ceiling. The panels were installed using triangular profiles and special suspension brackets fixed to a tubular structure welded directly on the container’s cover. Precise perforation pattern and the sound-absorbing black fleece were chosen to achieve an effective balance between sound reflection and sound absorption, favouring the intelligibility of the word.

To cover the walls alveolar core aluminium panels were installed and the surfaces were ennobled with high-resolution digital printing: sun shines in a summer forest to almost mitigate the technical impact of the industrial location where the office is placed. Here panels are perfectly joint and no gap upsets the image’s composition.

Atena metal ceilings and coverings in containers: the widest range of systems and finishing for high performance multifunctional modules.

Take a look to the final result in the following booklet.

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