Baffle Free Flow | Installation with no constraints | 360° inclination and rotation.

Properly conceived to assure acoustic comfort, anti-seismic safety and perfect integration with lighting and accessories, Atena Baffles, with their vertical aspect represent the best match of functionality, comfort and design, ensuring maximum stability even to the most “daring” achievements.

The project:
Location: Shopping Center Basilea Svizzera
Project Partner: Duon Systeme
Meta ceilings: Atena Baffle Free Flow
Photos: Yuko Kamata photography

In this reference: 50x100m perforated baffles with acoustic tissue, integrated lighting bodies and special Free Flow system. The structure is made up of Atena Easy T24 profiles and patented Tilt Spin hooking, properly conceived to keep Baffles parallel to the horizontal plane, overcoming the height jumps due to the inclined double pitched floor.

Perfectly integrated into the system, the Lighting Baffles with Atena Lux light sources that create an aesthetic and functional unicum with the Atena metal ceiling.

Take a look to the final result in the following booklet.

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