XVII CONVEGNO ANIDIS "Seismic Engineering in Italy"

Technical speech on research project led by Prof. Scott regarding the Atena Antiseismic False Ceilings

The XVII CONVEGNO ANIDIS "Seismic Engineering in Italy" will take place in Pistoia from 17 to 21 September 2017. The event organized by the Italian Association of Seismic Engineering in partnership with the University of Pisa, the University of Florence and the Order of the Engineers of Pisa Province will be a great dialogue opportunity for researchers, technicians and industry operators in order to promote the country's scientific growth in the field of anti-seismic design of buildings and seismic risk reduction. These topics will be discussed by leading national experts in the field. It is in this context, will be illustrated the results of the studies carried out under the cooperation between Atena S.p.A. and the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (DICEA) of the University of Padova, which in 2016 launched a research project aimed to test the performance of the Atena Antiseismic False Ceilings range; the patented Atena Antiseismic kit right belongs to these systems. The team work made up of the scientific director Prof. Ing. Roberto Scotta, the Ph.D. Laura Fiorin and the Researcher Ing. Sara Brandolese, in partnership with Ing. Monica Iogna Prat, R&D Manager at Atena S.p.A. initially focused on the local study of T-grid connections, through laboratory tests at the University, continued with the construction of an innovative experimental apparatus to test the seismic behavior of Atena false ceilings.

The tests carried out are the best proof of Atena know how in design and develop high-performance systems. Precisely, at the convention two technical speech will be presented. The first, "Experimental set-up for quasi-static cyclic tests" will be held by Ing. Laura Fiorin on Tuesday 19 at 11:45 at the Foundation's Palace in Via De 'Rossi (FOUNDATION) during session SG12-1 | 2763; will then be presented the apparatus made for the execution of experimental tests on the resistance of the false ceilings against stress. The second speech, titled "Evaluation of demand and seismic resistance of false ceilings" will be held by Ing. Sara Brandolese, Wednesday 20 at 15:30 at Palazzo dei Vescovi in ​​Piazza del Duomo (VESCOVI) during session SG03-8 | 2773. The team work research, led by prof. Roberto Scotta will continue with further studies. "This is a very important job, -  says Mauro Barbuio AD of Atena S.p.A. – especially in this historical period, when we have an extreme need to adapt the existing building to safeguard people and to prevent the loss of the economic value of public and private constructions."