Acoustic product

Today designers pay great attention to acustic performance of building and search for best technical solutions to achieve the desired environmental comfort in relation to the specific use of a building such as home, classroom, industry, office or other sites.

To this purpose, Atena SpA produces a wide range of acoustic products that includes suspended ceilings, inner walls, acoustic isalnd and baffles.

Precisely, Atena Baffles are made up ​​of metal elements, combined with specific sound absorption materials, are an excellent solution to enrich an environment by improving the acoustic comfort.

Alone or combined with metal suspended ceilings Atena baffles provides speech intelligibility and noise reduction and have also an important aesthetic function.

They can be custom made by color and finishing and lay out to match the specific requirements of each project.

Thanks to the vertical arrangement of the elements, Atena baffles shade the diffusion of light resulting from reflective surfaces and allow the natural cross ventilation: an excellent acoustic system even for those environments that take adavantage of the thermal inertia of buildings.


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