Atena Special

An appealing false ceiling


Aesthetics and technology meet to pass all limits and make room for endless architectural design solutions

A selection of colors, shapes and structures to realize standard or customized false ceilings which perform fully their role as  "main elements" of interior design.

In residential environments and buildings there is an increasing use of metal false ceilings among designers, being this the best solution to meet different needs of aesthetic functionality and style,  optimizing the setting up time and respecting the essential policy of recycling and reuse of materials.

In addition to screen the loft, to contain the pipelines and to house the lighting, heating, cooling and conditioning systems, the metal ceiling becomes a real piece of furniture that influences the quality of the environment in which is placed.

Decorated with perforations, reliefs or sublimation and integrated with lightings and sound-absorbing materials, ATENA metal false ceilings made of panels, staves, stretched metal and open cells offer a wide range of applications and allow you to explore original solutions for shapes, colors and finishes.

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