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The Quality management system in ATENA S.p.A. is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008. All ATENA S.p.A products are guaranteed two years and meet the regulatory standards listed below:

  • NTC technical standards for constructions.
  • ISO 14644-1
  • EURO CLASS for Fire Resistance
  • Fire Resistance according to the Ministry of Interior communication No. 91, 14/09/1961
  • Directive 89/106/CEE and and technical standards of application, in particular:
  • EN 13964:2004/A1:2006
  • EN 14195:2005
  • Test certificate (CE)
  • Declaration of Conformity CE
  • Directive 96/98/CE and for the Naval Section

Some of the products made in Atena are designated to the Naval Section and must follow the requirements of the MED Directive 96/98/CE and (together with DM 236/2004) concerning naval equipment. Most of Atena Naval Products are checked and test according to MED Norms. Certificate in force