The complex will host the world swimming championships 2017

For the Acquatic complex Duna Aréna in Budapest Ungheria, also known by the English name of Danube Arena, Atena S.p.A. realized four different systems of high performance false ceilings. The building realized between 2015 and 2017 has 5.000 seats, two swimming pools, one for dives and one for training; the complex will host the world swimming championships that will take place in Budapest from 4th to 30th July 2017.

For this project, in lounge rooms Atena Baffles 30x100mm with smooth surface and special locking bearing structure have been chosen. For the other areas Atena H40 open cells and Atena staves V100 in aluminum improve with their shape the linear design of Baffles. Outside the Atena staves L 200 in alluminum harmonize the façade mood. 

Thanks to a simple and minimal design, the Atena Baffles represent the proper solution to realize high quality technical false ceilings. Conceived to ensure acoustic comfort, earthquake safety, as well as perfect integration with lighting and accessories, the Atena Baffles, with their vertical aspect, define the finest mix of functionality, comfort and emotional design. Available with different heights and widths; smooth or perforated with acoustic tissue, Atena Baffles improve reverberation time and speech intelligibility. Atena V staves distinguish themselves for their vertical setting up. They give the ceiling a dynamic look thanks to their variable inter-axe too.

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