Urban Design

Headquarters construction

THE PROJECT: Headquarters construction - Developed and manufactured by Atena S.p.A, designed by Architect Charles Beltramelli the lining of the Edilsoffitti Ltd headquarters makes the building a work of urban design. The façade, carried out with modules in flat sheets of aluminum 20/10, is on two fronts.

The north side is divided into three staggered trapezoidal blocks, while the area facing the east is split into several levels, on this side stands the particular configuration of the coating, which shows through the padding the existing openings.

The slabs laid directly on the main structure have a decorative cutting realized with laser slotted lines whose rhythm is stressed by the game of the tiles colors and shades.

In line with the contemporary architecture trends, the project has provided of a backlight in the metallic elements of the building, so at night this turns into a light fixture, maintaining a leading role in the urban – industrial environment.


The system of Flat aluminum pre-or post-painted tiles for external setting as well as the easy  installing, gives the designer a large freedom to create in terms of sizes, shapes, colors, finishing and decorative tips, giving way to unique and original works.



MATERIALS: 20/10 pre-post painted aluminum or other materials and thicknesses on request.



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